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We are looking for people to help promote our resilience in communities across America. Install NoMowGrass Lawns and Edible Gardens to help people, communities and states become independent. Read more about our ambitous goals:

Winters can get quite long here in MN and one of the things we encourage is gardening research. One of our staff members came across this youtube video: from Rob Hopkins on Transition Towns. The marriage of our low maintenance grasses and permaculture seemed like a perfect marriage of low maintenance lawn and food production. Plus our grass is digestible and though not highly nutritious, can be grazed. Note when watching the video that Rob makes a point that though transition groups are formed - few have time to implement and make the needed changes in a timely manner. There is no better time to get started than now - and those who do will be glad they did for the next few years are going to be some of the hardest to adjust to in the U.S. in years.

 These are year round positions with winter residual sales. We supply the packaged information and show you how to do winter sales - even when the snow is flying.

Here is a brief list of Edibles we offer at discounted prices:

Select Dwarf Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plums, Hazel Nuts (American), Grapes, Raspberries, Blackberries, Witch Hazel, Cherries; Strawberries, Rhubarb, Asparugus, Select Up-Side-Down Tomato seeds, Salad Selection, Herb Pack and Wild Flowers for the Birds, Mushroom Logs for sprouting Mushrooms, and for ponds - several edible water plants and creatures may become available.We are also looking for a supplier of southern fruit trees and plants.

We have just opened up positions for installing low maintenance landscapes around the U.S. NoMowGrass landscape installers will be offering customers low maintenance landscapes with added options of permaculture gardens, low maintenance grass and "low watering/low work" seasonal fruit and vegetable gardening. To have your name listed on the "BUY NOW" top links page on your state or to purchase 30% discounted seed, click:

You can do sales (direct or retail) & installation in your area under a free trail period by calling (888) Low Grow. Serious inquiries ONLY. Trial periods and non-member sales representatives are eliminated if someone buys exclusive rights to the area and has their name listed on the "buy now" pages. Why will customers buy from you and not on the website?

  1. Because they do not have to pay shipping on any size package if you have it in stock; Retailer pre-mixed (50% sand & 50% Original NoMowGrass Seed) 50 bag packages cost $12.75/bag and Retail for $29.95.
  2. Landscapers - You can install the grass at low prices and offer them valuable information about how they can secure their lawn and garden for higher energy costs.
  3. Dealers - Our bulk prices on fruit trees, plants and seeds are 20% of the price you find in store. Sales are year round on all products.
  4. You are there to support the local need for food when energy prices rise (and the associated food prices rise too) as a year round position.You will be taking on a valuable position in the community. 
Trail Dealerships start any time during the year and end Dec 31st. Membership dues are due Jan 1st. Retail packaged orders take 1 week to ship.

Buy 200#s and Have Your Name Listed on the Map Page ($3480) 200#s Seed (20% disc)


or Just List Your Name as a Permaculture Landscaper under the Dealerships ($450)  (Note when Exclusive rights are bought for the area - the option is no longer available for that particular state). $450 page listing: Call (888) Low Grow for more dealership information and discounts.



These options will enable customers to see your name will be listed on top of the Purchasing Pages as a contact in that State, City or Area.

Exclusive Rights to a State  ($400 to $2,000) depending on the State plus 100#s Seed ($2047). Call for Details.   (888) Low Grow  ---888-569-4769

Times are changing fast and the ole' victory gardening for survival is coming back with a vengeance! It is fast becoming the new landscape for sustainable lifestyles - even in inner cities.  Unfortunately, most people don't know where to begin the transition from high maintenance to sustainable convenient food production and that's where your help is needed - Be the Solution!.</font>

The Permaculture & NoMowGrass Lawn almost sells itself. Just mention that the U.S. imports 2/3rds of its gas & oil and that amounts to 10 Million Barrels per day (at $1 per gallon - that equals $550 MILLION dollars leaving the US every day or $220 Billion a year - at $2/gal - that's closer to $450 BILLION). Add to that, several countries supplying the U.S. with oil are reducing imports by 2013 as they peaked their production in 2004 (see .theoildrum.com and search for "Mexico production").
NoMowGrass Customers are looking for sustainable eco-friendly options to chemical intensive, high watering and high maintenance lawns. Many will be interested in you offering them permaculture gardening design and installation. These pages are designed to help train you in permaculture information, permanent low to no work fruit & vegetable production, several methods of intensive vegetable gardening as well as supporting the gardens with enhanced systems.

Be totally radical Grow Your Own Freedom - Low maintenance Permaculture gardens are a way to security in times of:

  • Natural Disasters -tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires and storms.

    Economic Fluctuations and wildly swinging gas prices.

  • Personal Upheavals- Unexpected illness, fire, flood, or unplanned expenses.

Times are changing and customers will appreciate your in-depth knowledge and experience in the developing of continual food production from their back yard, side yard or patio garden - all installed to be low maintenance so that your customer's only job is to pick & eat! Many of our NoMowGrass customers are looking for you and your services. Join us and watch your business grow - especially when times are so uncertain.

Positions are presently based on Phone Area Codes and we are allowing a min. of 1 opening per area code. Additional areas can be purchased.

  • You can expect additional expenses for printing hand out brochures and stocking your supply of plants and seed as needed though it is better for customers to give you a deposit to secure your inventory of stock. You have 3 potential customers - residential, government and commercial. Please seek out your contacts in a manner you are comfortable with.


  • Benefits:Aside from the hours of training and information links found on these pages, dealers receive discounts on plants, grass and seed ranging from 10% to 80% depending on volume.

    NoMowGrass Permaculture Dealers are listed on each state's buying page so potential customers will be able to locate you easily. We have a list of potential customers who have requested brochures. We will notify you of any customers who may have expressed an interest in our products in your area. The list is not always as reliable as we would like but may be a place to start.

    You will benefit from our extensive advertising campaigns - both online and off.

  • Full card processing use: Dealers may call in customer credit cards for processing -a feature which by it's self costs $20 to $30 a month at most places. Additional fees charged by PayPal of 3% to 5.3% are applied to all processed orders and are typical for the card processing industry. An additional $2.00 fee is applied to all transactions as an operator fee.

By clicking the following PayPal Subscription to a NoMowGrass Permaculture Dealership you agree to:

  1. You will use the NoMowGrass name as applied to products offered but are not a representative of NoMowGrass and have no rights of ownership, partnership or other legal rights of representation.

    You may not make any changes to information released other than to add your own name and information along with prices for your services.

    You may not substitute grass or other seeds customers buy as NoMowGrass with any lesser quality or other seed. You may however, mix the seed with annual rye and sand where applicable, providing the customer is informed and in agreement with the mix.

    You will conduct business in a lawful, pleasant and honest manner in which customer satisfaction comes first. Customer dis-satisfaction is cause for termination of this agreement without refund.

    Local Sales are the sole responsibility of the Dealer. Other than assistance in processing debit and credit cards, we do not assist in collection of debts.

    Website sales do not apply and dealers are not credited with any part of online sales other than to be listed as the dealer available in your area which gives dealers a "first contact" opportunity.

  2. Changes to this agreement will be emailed to the email address provided and no other form of notification is required for us to update our terms of use.


  • Buy 200#s / yr
    200#s Seed (20% disc)
  • List Your Name on Map
    $450 page listing:

Other Business Resources:
  • Small Business Administration - Basic 7(a) Loan Program





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